Freaks & Geeks

I’ve been raving about this show for a few years. No, I did not watch it the year it was on TV. I was too busy playing volleyball or basketball or maybe I was just hanging out with my friends. So I missed a good chunk of the show. It wasn’t until I was finished with grad school living back with my parents that I watched these movies on Netflix for the first time. I loved them and I felt like my obsession with James Franco was legit for once (this was before I read his appalling book of short stories, which I still despise, entitled Palo Alto. To learn why I hate James Franco now, click here.).

When I got home from my first day at Nampa High in 2013, I felt like doing nothing. I didn’t want to lesson plan. I didn’t want to grade papers or even read the stuff my students wrote today, I just wanted to veg. That’s when I found it: Freaks & Geeks was on instant Netflix. So I got my sister to watch it with me. I loved every minute of it. I suppose I love it because I can relate; I was a big nerd with no fashion and terrible hair all through high school. Though I thought I was cool, in reality, I was nothing special. Shelli wasn’t this way. She was… cool. She was… the girl all of the guys wanted to go out with. She was a basketball star. She was tall and leggy. She wore fashionable clothes. She wore makeup. I’m surprised she didn’t look at me and take me on as a project back then, but she had more important things to do, like go to parties and date one of the star football players. I am convinced that one day, Shelli will like this show. One day, she will see the geeky little brother stress about how to get his parents to break of the party without narking on his sister and laugh, but today, I got an eye roll. Maybe it’s true. Those people that were never freaks and geeks like us, will never really get us.


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