A Girl’s Trip to the #GoldenGlobes from at home in #NampaID

I’m a movie girl. I always have been one. My parents could never afford to take us on ski trips or trips to Disneyland (other than when we were moving across country that one time and stopped in California on our way back to Oregon), but back when movies were $1.00 or $2.50 for a matinee, they took us to an occasional show. We started our video collection with a VHS copy of The Wizard of Oz. Then we got The Little Mermaid and Space Camp. The movies kept coming and my love for movies only grew. It’s no surprise that as I got older, I got into the watching the Oscars every year.

Then came my years in Peace Corps. I wasn’t one of those really bright Peace Corps Volunteers that read hundreds of books during my three years abroad. I borrowed TV on DVD from my friends or watched entire seasons online. I fell in love with television. And that’s why today, I convinced my sister and brother-in-law that I should be able to watch the Golden Globes on NBC, mixing my love of movies with my love of television in one stellar night of rich people in Hollywood awards.

Just because I can and because I love to tweet, here’s a glimpse of what happened at the Golden Globe Awards on NBC.

It started out with Maggie Smith. Yes, she is awesome. She’s one of the reasons I love Downton Abbey. If I were to become an actress in my old age, I would aspire to be like her.

Maggie Smith

When Kevin Costner won, it sounded like he was giving a retirement speech. The same with Jodie Foster when she won her special award – she’s still writing on walls, but…

Kevin Costner

Of course, one of the real reasons I started watching the show was the presenters. #twoofmyfavoritepeople #comedyrocks!

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

And the presenters were pretty cool. I will always pronounce Will Ferrell’s name incorrectly, but most of my friends do this so I’m in good company.

Will Ferrell

And there were a few things I noticed about the winners.

Girls & Quentin

Other things that made me happy were when Jennifer Lawrence won best actress for Silver Linings Playbook, one of the best movies I saw over Christmas break.

And I loved it when Tina Fey responded to Lena Dunham with, “Congratulations, Lena! I’m glad I got you through middle school.” (Nobody likes to be called old, girl!)

But one of the biggest things I got out of this awards show is that I have a lot of catching up to do. I need to watch Les Mis. It’s probably going to steal all of the Oscars too. And then there’s Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Django Unchained, Bernie, and Moonrise Kingdom. I’ve got to see what this whole Homeland thing is about and since I watched some of Political Animals, it’s only fair to look into Game Change. So yeah, watching the Golden Globes has given me a lot of homework, but as any of the other four people who watched these awards with me could tell you, I’m an eager student.

Tata for now.



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