Kicking Life in the Guts

Oh, life could be a dream, sh-boom If only all my precious plans would come true… – from the song, Sh Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)

Life is not a dream. And if it were, I think it would have more qualities of a nightmare than one of those dreams with marshmallow clouds, fountains of chocolate and rainbows that lead to gold. A few months ago, I started to realize that I was an eternal optimist. I was starting to believe that everybody was going to start getting along, the economy was going to shoot up, and I was going to find my perfect job and all this would happen before the New Year. Well, it’s already mid-January and it seems like none of this is true. Well, my students at NHS are not nice to one another. They are rude to one another and use put-downs that make campaigning politicians look like angels. Though gas is cheaper in Idaho than Oregon, it still costs a fortune to buy groceries and salaries aren’t getting any higher. And I don’t have the perfect job. In fact, in less than two months, I will be needing a new job; my long-term sub position will be over. This is just the way things are. There’s no need to shed tears over it and there’s no need to sleep it away. (When I was little and things were bad, I would try to go to sleep, hoping that when I would wake up, everything would be fixed. This never worked.)

So life just isn’t a dream. It doesn’t work itself out in the end. We work it out. I stress about life a lot, but it’s really not worth it. Nothing will change unless I change it. That’s just the way it works. If I’m unhappy in some situation, I can either change my situation or change the way I look at the situation to improve my own mood and feelings towards it. I’m sort of glad life isn’t a dream. It makes me a stronger person. When you really kick life in the guts and make something horrible totally awesome, you realize that you have true power over your life and that, my friends, is definitely better than a simple dream.


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