Today in the news: Teacher fears children (join the club!)

Ohio teacher claims discrimination due to her fear of children

Crazy! That’s what this story is. This woman claims to have pedophobia, a crippling fear of young children. First of all, if this woman is teaching junior high, the children aren’t that young. Most of them are going through puberty, making them “young adults.” Granted, junior high students freak me out but since my first stint in Ukraine, I haven’t taught junior highers. I think this story is more about the insanity of what’s going on in the economy and in public schools as the result of the economy. Schools are doing this everywhere. They’re moving teachers around based on seniority. They cut programs and then they get rid of the newest teachers. So if there’s an art teacher that’s been teaching for 20 years, when the district cuts art, they’ll cut the new English teacher because she was last hired and shuffle people around so now the art teacher is in the school librarian or something. It’s absolute madness. Could you imagine if we ran banks this way? Banks wouldn’t do this. They train their people to do certain things. They don’t move a teller to the vault because she’s been there for ten months more than other tellers. They go by accuracy. Which teller is balanced to the penny every day? This matters to them. They want their bank to run effectively. For some reason, that’s not what’s happening in different school districts across the nation. Teachers don’t know how to react. Many are quitting, determined to find a new line of work. Others stay silent, unable to live without their meager income and insurance. Others do like this lady. She makes a case for herself and she fights for some change. Granted, I don’t know that if I were her I would claim to be a teacher with pedophobia. It seems a bit counterproductive but on the other hand, at least she’s taking a stand for something.


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