Why I love The West Wing

“You’re quite a nerd, Mr. President.”

Could you imagine telling this to the president? I can’t. Well, maybe I could. I mean, I’ve gotten a bit “familiar” with my colleagues teasing them about cleaning out their litter boxes and such. I just get this way: familiar, friendly. But how awesome would it be to become close friends with the president, eating chili with him and teasing him about being too good at Trivial Pursuit. I would love to be in the running for a job like this, chilling with the president, talking to annoying journalists about what’s up with a bicycle accident or about why my boss believes in a woman’s right to choose. I just feel like I would be great at this job. But I didn’t go to Harvard. I tattooed my left arm twice. And I have never had a whole lot of money. Thus, I may not fit in that well. (Us Bunn folks have never been rich.) I suppose I’ll just have to settle for many episodes of the West Wing, one of those rare political treasures that used to be on television. (It’s on Netflix, folks. You might want to sign up too!)


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