Dressing up my Jaybird (the two-year-old fashion model)

It was a snow day today. Snow days in my world mean I’ll be home all day where I hang out with Jayden, Shelli, Spencer, and baby Adeline and eat a bunch of food. That was today. But I got bored so I decided to help Shelli do the laundry. That’s how we stumbled across some of Jayden’s dress-up treasures. Once I put them on her, I had to take pictures.

She’s really rocking this outfit, isn’t she? #iwouldwearthisoutfitifihaditinmysize That’s code for, if they had this in my size, I’d wear it.

Jaybird dressed up

And here’s her doing that crazy face she does. What is she scared of? Why is she doing this?

Jaybird face

Isn’t she adorable?

Tata for now.



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