Human Trafficking

Taken was the worst movie I’ve ever seen. People tell me, “Naw – it’s awesome. The dad totally goes in there and lays into the bad guys.” But I don’t see it that way. I see the girls that were taken and think about the runaways in Oregon or the beach goers in Odessa, Ukraine and I just want to cry. Human trafficking is in no way ok. I won’t finish James Franco’s book, Palo Alto because he writes a short story about a girl that some guys use as a sex slave. Slavery has been abolished. Men and women are fighting for equality in our great nation. No one should be sold into slavery. Sex trafficking is disgusting. It angers me off that there are people ignorant enough and disgusting enough to enslave vulnerable girls in a prostitution ring. It’s important for us to educate young women and to encourage them to strive for success and foster meaningful friendships that will prevent horrible atrocities like Brianna began to face. I hate it when I read stories like this one. These stories make me sad and I ache for peace and harmony in this troubled world.




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