Les Mis: a little pick-me-up tear-jerker for hump day

If it hadn’t been for the popcorn that tasted like fish, I think you could say that today after school I had a perfect day at the movies. I went to see that classic tale of revolution, poverty, and redemption. I went to see Les Miserables. I’d seen Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman win their Golden Globes a few weekends ago. I wanted to see them in these fantastic roles before the Oscars run around on February 24th and so I did. Here’s what I thought.

Les Miserables is a tear-jerker. It’s a story of poverty, prison, second chances, a past that haunts, and a daily effort to better oneself and help others. Even though I’d watched this musical on the West End in London, I was moved by the stellar performances of the cast and crew in this 2012 Cinematic Explosion. The cinematography was powerful. The sets, amazing. The ending was powerful. As usual, I wept for poor Éponine. I know this character, her trials and troubles. I am her, the poor little friend girl who loves the guy but who he will never choose. I feel like Eponine is proof that traditionally guys do not go for the girl-next-door, best friend figure. They go for the exotic beauty from a separate world.

But this story isn’t just about lost love. It’s about redemption and promises. When Jean Valjean gets distracted by Javert chasing after him, he leaves his place of business and Fantine, a single woman with a child is abused and bullied by her foreman and the women in the warehouse. She is forced to the streets to sell her hair, her teeth, and eventually her body. Anne Hathaway gives such a raw performance in this role. Her “I Dream A Dream” took my breath away and caused a rush of tears. But once Valjean finds out that he could have prevented her ruin by helping her out in that one instance, he works to right the wrong, taking her daughter Cosette out of the hands of the disgusting Thernardiers played by the talented Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter. Time goes by. The people of Paris are rising up to fight for a better, fairer world. I don’t want to give away too much in case you like a surprise, but this movie was phenomenal. I want to go watch it again. It was that good. And though it’s a story that makes you cry, it’s a movie that once watched makes you a better person, slower to judge and hurt those people you share this earth with.

That’s all for now.



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