Adventure through Boise

I don’t like to sit still. This doesn’t mean that I don’t participate in all-day TV show marathons or that I don’t take naps when my mind is exhausted. It does mean that I get restless when I stay in one place for two long without any adventures. These adventures don’t have to be too intense, but they do have to be entertaining enough for me to journal about afterwards. Today, I did what I’ve been planning to do since I came to Idaho in November. I went to Boise and went on a mini scavenger hunt. It was awesome and I accomplished most of my goals. I’ve even got the pictures to prove it. After eating pizza at Guidos, I went in search of the Abraham Lincoln statues. There are two in Boise. One is in front of the Capitol Building.

Lincoln Statue #1 Boise

The other is by the zoo.

Lincoln Statue #2 Boise

Once I found the first statue of Honest Abe, I did something I’ve never done before. I went into the Capitol Building and walked around… a lot. I was nervous. I wasn’t sure if I would be allowed to walk around. I figured that they’d at least have intense security in the building. They didn’t. There were crazy steam punk people at the bottom of the building. That was cool. I’m not really sure what they were up to, but I was entertained nonetheless. After that, I was off to the zoo statue. It was so difficult to find, but I eventually got there. On the way, I found the Anne Frank Memorial.

Anne Frank Memorial Boise

This is amazing. I love that they have such a loving, humanitarian memorial in Idaho. I don’t usually love Idaho. I took this picture to illustrate my frustration with Idaho politics.

Huh? Boise Politics

But when I saw this memorial and the two Lincoln statues, I thought, you know, there are some awesome people in Idaho. Why have I generalized the population of this red state in such a negative fashion? I shouldn’t. Especially in Boise where they allow the free-spirits to create the “Freak Alley Gallery.”

Freak Alley Gallery

This is the coolest thing in downtown Boise. And of course, since I have a special place in my heart for my last name, I appreciate this B.

B is for Bunn

B is for Bunn, in case you didn’t know. So that’s about it. That’s what my awesome day in downtown Boise entailed. Well – those were the highlights anyway.

Tata for now.



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