I Object what I read on Yahoo! News: Presidents’ Day is Real to Me (And I don’t even own a car)

When I went to Yahoo! News to search for news to write about today and I found this article.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 4.24.03 PM

What? President’s Day isn’t a real holiday? It’s a federal holiday. Plus, it’s the day when banks are closed. It’s a holiday people. I celebrated it early by going to Boise on Saturday to find statues of President Lincoln and check out the Capitol Building. I wanted to celebrate the holiday. I’m glad that President Lincoln fought so hard for equality. I’m glad President Obama is fighting for equality in the form of the right to marry and the right to a fair and EQUAL education for all Americans. To be a great nation, we have to fight daily for equality and justice. That’s why I do care about President’s Day. I should have read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution to commemorate this holiday. Instead, I watched One Tree Hill.

I’m glad Yahoo! News decided to “investigate” how different states punctuate Presidents’ Day. That’s really important stuff. And I’m glad they realize that “car dealers are all over it.” I don’t really care about that. To buy a car, I’d have to have money and as our current president knows, some of us are having trouble finding those rad jobs that make us money, giving us the opportunity to invest in something useful like automobiles.

Things will get better. They have to. But for now, I’m going to look through Saturday’s Instagram pix from Boise and maybe catch up on a few episodes of The West Wing. It’s important to appreciate the leaders that have helped our country stay so great. So thank you, dear Presidents, both dead and alive. Thanks a bunch. I’m glad to be a part of your country. God Bless!


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