One Tree Hill

Music can make or break a TV show. I know this because I know TV, both good and bad. Grey’s Anatomy made it because of the music from the first and second seasons. One Tree Hill rocked it with the music for nine years straight. They even switched up the theme song in season eight, which though somewhat strange really worked. Bad music on a TV show basically throws the show back to the eighties and nineties when TV shows still had laughs inserted from the “live studio audience.” They’re just cheesy. The music is what got me to keep watching One Tree Hill after the first season. It has good music and like other CW (formerly WB) shows such as The O.C., One Tree Hill has a plethora of great artists on screen and as background noise (soundtrack).

I first watched One Tree Hill during the summer after I graduated from college. I was living with my parents in Dayton, waiting for my Peace Corps assignment. I was at Target with my mom and I saw the cover of the first season on DVD. It had Chad Michael Murray in it. I wanted to buy it. He was my crush from the first season of Gilmore Girls and I just had to have it. I wasn’t sure if my parents would like it, but I sold it to my mom with, “it’s about basketball.” She was in. My dad was an easy sell merely because he just wanted to hang out with me. We got into this show. We watched the next few seasons on DVD and TV when I got back from Peace Corps and I was living with them again. But when I moved out, we all stopped watching it. Only now, in 2013 when the show is very much over and done with am I watching the last few seasons and I’ve got to say they are great.

I know that I started watching the show because of Chad Michael Murray, and maybe it’s my age talking, but this show got so much better in the last few seasons. The characters had more depth and they were more interesting and caring. Without angsty Lucas, the cast melded together in the way all real world friendships and relationships do. Julian doesn’t fit in with the guys and they make fun of his superhero high five (which made me laugh for about five minutes straight) but he’s a loveable, amazing character. He fits with Brooke in a way Lucas never did. (He’s my newest crush.)

My friend Morgan watched this show in its entirety. She told me about it when we were in Ukraine last year. She didn’t tell me all the bits from the end, expecting that in Peace Corps, I would have had time to catch up with the full series. I didn’t. I focused on Bones, Castle, Once Upon A Time, and Revenge. But now, I’m loving this show we call One Tree Hill. I’m loving the drama. I freaked at the end of season seven when Quinn and Clay got shot. It totally wigged me out and infected my dreams. I think that’s what makes good television. Good television is the stuff you talk about with your friends when you meet up for coffee. Good television is the stuff that makes you cry and makes you laugh. You empathize with the character whose mom just died. You laugh at the nerdy character who, though attractive, never got over his true geekiness. It’s good television because it’s so real. It’s so relatable. That’s why I love One Tree Hill. Though I will never be married to an NBA player or own my own clothing line, I get the “normal” stress these characters feel. That’s why I love One Tree Hill.


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