Wednesday’s Pick-Me-Up for February 20th, 2013

Thanks to Bing, I have a definition of a pick-me-up. It’s an informal expression that refers to a drink, often an alcoholic beverage, taken as a stimulant or a cure for a hangover. Well, I’m not going to provide you readers with an alcoholic beverage to get through today, hump day, but I will give you this quick anecdote from one of my favorite authors. In Bossypants, Tina Fey wrote about her first period:

“I was ten. I had noticed something was weird earlier in the day, but I knew from commercials that one’s menstrual period was a blue liquid that you poured like laundry detergent onto maxi pads to test their absorbency. This wasn’t blue, so…I ignored it for a few hours.”

Ladies, you are cringing because you know this was a bad idea. Gents, I’m sorry, but and if I knew any anecdotes about my brothers’ first attempts to shave their faces, I’d share, but I don’t so I won’t. And big brother Shane, this probably grossed you out, but you know, I appreciate Tina Fey. She’s just… awesome. And just be glad those annoying tampon and pad commercials on TV have never applied to you!


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