My Oscar Madness

I was so wrong. I only got eight of my guesses for the Oscar right and that’s after I switched two of my answers from what I posted last week. At least I didn’t put any money on it.

I think one of the reasons I love watching the Oscars so much is because it’s entertaining. Only once do I remember watching the Oscars when I wanted to blow out the TV so as not to watch anymore. That year was of course the year when James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted the event. Yeah, James Franco sucks. I canceled the fan club over a year ago.

This year, the Oscars were hosted by Seth MacFarlane. I’m not really a fan of Family Guy as I find Peter Griffin completely stupid and I haven’t watched Ted yet, but after the Oscars, I splurged and bought Seth MacFarlane’s jazz album on iTunes. He’s a great entertainer. I may actually have to try watching Family Guy again.

So the people I watched the Oscars with complained about how long the opening was. This annoyed me. The opening was my favorite part. In fact, I watched it twice. I would watch it again if I had taped it or if the entire thing was available on YouTube. Here are ABC’s highlights.

Ah – so a precious moment was when Jennifer Lawrence tripped up stage. I love this footage of what she says afterwards.

So even though I didn’t predict all of the Oscar wins very well, at least I can say one thing about myself: I don’t have to be as worried as Jennifer Lawrence. She won an Oscar. She’s played Katniss. This may be the best her career is going to get. Not me. I’m still searching for that right path, that perfect career. And at least for this very moment, I’m going to take comfort in that.


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