The Sure Things in Life

They say that there are only two sure things in life: death and taxes. Well, I just finished filing my Oregon taxes this week and since I’m driving the speed limit most days, I know that I’m at least preventing my own car death for the time being. But there are some other things that I believe are also sure things in life.

Here we go.

The Sure Things in Life:

• Washing hands after using the bathroom.
• Toilet paper as a necessity.
• A little bit of conflict.
• Rain in Oregon.
• Rising gas prices.
• The excitement one feels when gas prices lower a few cents for a week or two.
• Addictions.
• The unfortunate smell of fecal material.
• Cows will be slow when they cross the roads.
• There’s a movie with John Cussack in it called, The Sure Thing.
• Good karma.
• Bad karma.
• Time will be “wasted” on occasion.
• Clothes will get tighter if you gain weight.
• Clothes will get looser if you lose weight.
• Snowmen melt.
• Ants will crawl in your pants on picnics.
• Mosquitoes bite.
And to finish it off:
• Paper cuts sting.

Have a great week!



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