Tuesday night is for anyday movies!

Growing up, Tuesday was movie night. Our parents would rent a VCR and a VHS cassette tape and the family would watch a movie and eat popcorn. Things are different now as we’re all adults and we each have our own VCRs to watch movies on, but it’s still a fun idea. Tuesday: the perfect day for family movie night. But for some reason, I can’t watch just any movie on a Tuesday. I’m not the kind of girl who can watch action movie after action movie. Superhero movies are great but not on a Tuesday. For me, Tuesdays are the perfect day to watch anyday movies. You know anyday movies, right? Anyday movies are movies you can watch any day of the week without thinking or analyzing them. Anyday movies are, of course, comedies. They’re sometimes predictable, often ridiculous, and more often than not can be described as “cheesy” by someone of my age and background. My anyday movies are many but here are the ones that resonate in my Tuesday movie night memory this evening.

Peter Pan – It’s not really a comedy so much as it’s just incredibly sweet and awesome. I’m talking about the version with the little kid in it. You know, the live kid, not the animated one. I watched this movie over and over again when I was in Ukraine back in 2006 and 2007.

Peter Pan Movie Trailer

Little Women – Again, I’m not sure that this is funny though the book makes me laugh out loud on occasion. It’s the movie I watched day after day in eighth grade. I still get mad at Amy when she throws Jo’s book into the fire.

Little Women Movie Trailer

Easy A – Awesome. This movie is both hilarious and academic. Wait, it’s not really academic, but the title talks about grades, doesn’t it? (I raved about Easy A on my Ukraine blog last year.)

Easy A Movie Trailer

Pitch Perfect – Organized nerd singing? Yes, please. This is my current anyday movie though since I moved from Nampa, I feel less inclined to watch it as it makes me miss my sister and my niece Jaybird. (For my praise of Pitch Perfect, click here.)

Catch and Release – Not at all a comedy, but when I went through my “I only read, watch, and listen to depressing things” phase, this movie was the thing I watched all of the time.

Catch and Release Movie Trailer

A Lot Like Love – I watched it once and I loved it. It became the ultimate romantic comedy for me. I even swooned when Ashton Kutcher played the guitar in that one scene. Yep. I’m a dork.

A Lot Like Love Movie Trailer

I’m not sure what’s next on the anyday movie list. Maybe Silver Linings Playbook? Perhaps I’ll throwback to the eighties and start watching Sixteen Candles every day. Maybe I’ll get baby fever and watch Baby Mama every night. Who knows? But for now, just enjoy your movie night.

Tata for now.


P.S. I understand that anyday is not a “real” word by most definitions. Readers should throw out the conventional idea of spelling any day and realize that anyday movies are actually real things now that I have posted this blog today. Thanks for your attention. It’s been real.


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