Thursday Night Fun: Experimentation with Food

So I know that Thursday is photo day on the blog and that’s awesome and all (you’ll see a picture shortly), but there are some newspapers that used to have Thursday be food day (though I know that’s tomorrow on THIS blog) so I decided to mash the two up tonight for a little treat for you.

Well, the treat was actually for me, but as I give the experiment five stars (out of five so that’s a perfect score), I think you might want to try it as well.

Here’s how I did it. I took four Kettle Brand Sea Salt Flavored Krinkle Chips and I found four toppings to put on them.

What they looked like:

Chip Experiment.03.14.13

And my notes:

Chip one (top right) had Taco Bell Fire Sauce on it.
My thoughts on said chip: The hot sauce is solid but it sort of overpowered the chip. The good part was that the underside of the chip left the salt and potato taste that made for a great final taste.
Rating: two stars (out of five)

Chip two (top left) had Taco Bell Verde Sauce.
My thoughts on said chip: Sour and tart. It was a bit odd and I suggested drinking a citrus flavored beer after consuming this chip.
Rating: one star (out of five – it was not good)

Chip three (bottom right) had Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter on it.
My thoughts on said chip: It was surprisingly good. The peanut butter is sweet and mixed with the salty chip; it’s sort of like a little piece of heaven.
Rating: three stars (out of five – If I described it as a little piece of heaven and only gave it three stars, this is probably because I know I’m headed to the fiery pits and don’t want to cause myself too much pain for not making it up to the clouds.)

Chip four (bottom left) had Nutella on it.
My thoughts on said chip: Nutella goes on anything. I loved this. It was the perfect way to disguise and compliment the greasy and salty potato chip.
Rating: four stars (out of five, just like all ratings in this post)

To recap: I gave the entire experiment a five-star rating. I liked the Nutella and peanut butter toppings best. The green verde sauce was gross on the potato chip. And I think you should try it too.

Tata for now.



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