Do you Sip?

I was back in Oregon and I was ready to partake in the culture. The Sip was happening and I was in.

What is The Sip? You ask. Well, The Sip is a fundraiser for St. James’ Catholic School in McMinnville, Oregon. It’s a wine tasting event in which wine lovers drive over to Evergreen Space Museum and sip wine and try out different foods.

I’ve only been twice. The first time, I tried an oyster. The second time (last weekend), I did not. But both times, I enjoyed the wine.

Besides the wine, there are amazing booths to check out. My favorite book is the jewelry booth. This lady makes repurposed jewelry. Both years, I’ve found something I loved and splurged.


owl necklace.03.09.13

Don’t you get why I wanted it?

I also got this cool wine glass to taste the wine in. If only it would have been stem-less…

the sip glass.03.09.13

And of course, I went with mis padres, because let’s face it: we three are a fun crowd.

we three the sip.03.09.13

You might want to try joining us next year.

Tata for now.



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