It’s Friday Night! Why not drink some wine?

I am living in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. You don’t have to drive far, around here, to find wineries, tasting rooms, and wine bars. It’s sort of the thing to do around here. Well, I like my wine and while I was living in Nampa, Idaho this past winter, I discovered Indian Creek Winery in Kuna, Idaho. It’s pretty much the most awesome thing in Kuna. Well, here in the Yamhill Valley, we have plenty of gems to check out. Personally, I would suggest hitting up downtown McMinnville. There are some great tasting rooms on Third Street. A few of them held booths at The Sip this past weekend.

But seeing as how I seem to have been on a tight budget for about… forever, I’m going to offer you an alternative to spending a small fortune tasting wine. My solution: host your own wine and cheese party. It doesn’t have to be big; it can be just you and a friend, you and two friends or even you and your hubby. Just follow the tips and you’ll be well on your way to a DIY “night out” in your own home.

Materials needed:
• a bottle of wine
• something with which to open wine (depending on the wine this could be your hand to twist the twist-top or push the tap for boxed wine or a corkscrew for “fancy” corked wine)
• cheese – fancy cheese is always nice but if you’re on a budget, just use your regular blocks of cheese. NEVER USE AMERICAN, though. American cheese is just nasty and should not be consumed. When I’m on a tight budget, I like sharp cheddar cheese. But in an ideal world, I’d get some of the Dubliner cheese. YUM!
• a device with which to cut the cheese (depending on your type of home, this may just be a pocket knife you won in a bet)
• at least one wine glass (this may also be a mug or a jar. It’s best NOT to share one wine glass with multiple people, but when you’re on a budget, you can’t be too picky, I suppose.)

Set up directions:
1. Use your knife to cut up the cheese and place on the table, a napkin, or a plate if you’re fancy enough and can afford to pay the water bill when you’ll have to clean it later.
2. Open the bottle of wine and pour some into the wine glass(es).
3. Take a piece of cheese in one hand.
4. Take the glass in the other.
5. Eat.
6. Drink.
7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 as desired.

Enjoy your night out… or night in… whatever you do… enjoy!

Tata for now.



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