One – Twenty-something

My friend Eric introduced me to Jamie Cullum. We were studying at Oxford together. While we were working on our papers in a room upstairs at Freewin Court, Eric decided he wanted to check out my music. He saw that I had a few songs from Dangerous Minds, some country music, and a few Christian CDs copied to my media files. He was shocked. He decided then and there that it was time I get a musical education. That’s when he pulled up Jamie Cullum. I liked his stuff. It was boppy. It made me smile, but I didn’t really embrace it until a few years later when I fell hard for jazz music. This week, when I was searching the right jazz album to listen to this week, I fell upon Jamie Cullum’s Twenty-something. I listened to it in the shower, when I was doing the dishes, and while driving to work. I am a twenty-something, but only for thirty more days.

What does that mean to be a twenty-something?

Well – in my generation, being a twenty-something means that you believe that the world is your oyster. You can do and be whatever you want. That’s why I’ve lived the way I have and traveled the way I have. I’ve done the Peace Corps thing… TWICE. I’ve moved home to pay off the loans the Peace Corps didn’t pay for… at least twice. I’ve taken the crap job, not answering phones, but building boxes, or building other things I know nothing about. So yeah, I get what he’s talking about in this song. You wanna hear it? Have a listen.

Luckily, as I’m hitting that big 3-0, I’m starting to figure things out. Let’s just say, my thirties are going to have that solid structure I’ve been lacking and I’m so looking forward to the life adventures that lie ahead.

Tata for now.



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