St. Pattie’s Day on the Farm

It’s St. Pattie’s Day! It’s a day to wear green, pinch people, eat green eggs and green frosted cookies, drink beer, and have fun. It’s a grand old holiday.

When I was younger, we celebrated St. Pattie’s with green French toast. My mom would purchase green bread from the bakery (in La Grande, OR, they made this at the grocery store) and she’d make us breakfast. We always made a big deal about wearing green. In grade school, I would pinch my friends and teachers who weren’t wearing green.

My interest in this Irish holiday faded off a bit as I got older. Though I still loved the movie, Darby O’Gill and the Little People, I didn’t feel attached to the Irish tradition. That is, of course, until I was in high school when I learned that my Grandpa Friberg had some Irish roots. “I’m Irish?” I wondered and after that, I began to celebrate the holiday full speed.

This year was no exception. After driving back from Beaverton yesterday, I met up with one of my oldest friends.

Abby and Rece.03.16.13

Abby had gone out to watch the Timbers game and her crew decided to enjoy St. Pattie’s in style. We went to Old Oak, a trendy bar in downtown McMinnville. We didn’t play pool or talk to the Linfield College students, but at least one of us (me) did consume a pint of green beer. Green beer is gross because it’s just Coors light with food coloring in it, but it’s still fun to have once a year if only for nostalgia.

green beer.03.16.13

Today, we’re celebrating St. Patties at the Ranch. My pops is making corned beef and cabbage. My mom purchased a few six-packs of Guinness and some green Oreos. And my two of my siblings and their entourages are coming for the feast. It’s bound to be an enjoyable continuation of the holiday. Granted, nothing will be quite like St. Pattie’s in Ternopil last year, but it’s still fun to make new memories.

A recent St. Pattie’s revelation came yesterday. MayTay told me that she was saving her puppet for Leprechaun Day. I had to tell her the truth. There’s no such thing as “Leprechaun Day,” Maddie. It’s called, St. Patrick’s Day. She looked surprised at this. Her first grade teacher must not be teaching to the book. (wink)

But in honor of Leprechaun Day and the kids that still believe there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, I wanted to share this comic skit about rainbow meat from Second City. It’s awesome.

Happy St. Patties!



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