Big Man in the News this Week: Pope Francis

There’s a new pope. This isn’t really news unless you live in a place where only weekly papers exist. In today’s news, Pope Francis lunched with Argentine President Cristina Ferndandez, the president of his native country. In the past, Fernandez has been critical of the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires for being archaic in his beliefs on gay adoptions. But now that he’s Pope Francis, she’s much more excited to give him presents and get a kiss from the pope. Check out the full AP Press Release on Yahoo! News.

In case you didn’t know, the Catholic Church thus the pope is pretty important.

I’m just wondering if Pope Francis is going to be on Twitter. The old man, Pope Benedict, was.

Though I’m not Catholic, I appreciate the message Pope Francis shared in his address to people on St. Peter’s Square. “Which of you is without sin?” he quoted. “Let him cast the first stone.” Yes, I get into the preachiness of spirituality, because I think we all need a little bit of faith and understanding to keep us in check. For more on this address, check out Ann Rodgers’ post from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

If I were Catholic, I believe that I would jump at the chance to visit Vatican City. But since I’m not, I’m going to enjoy reading these news bits about the pope and all the things he does.

Tata for now.



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