Three – Self-discovery and Hogwarts

Your twenties are your time to discover yourself. Yes, there are a few brave high schoolers that take the path to self-discovery, but some of them are still going through puberty and have bad acne. It’s best to find yourself in your twenties. Though some don’t need to. My sister Shanna knew at age nine that she wanted to be a teacher and that’s what she’s been doing ever since she graduated high school. Many of my friends got married at 19, 20, or 21. Some are still married. Others are not. The ones that aren’t spent their late twenties rediscovering themselves. I’ve spent my entire twenty-something decade working through the whole, “what should I be doing with my life” gig. Obviously, I’m still writing, though a guy I talked to the other day mentioned that I should sell out my blog to earn money and quite frankly I prefer writing what I want rather than posting ridiculous reviews of skin care products on my blog, though I recommend Noxema to all other face washes. (Do you think they’ll pay me for that plug? Didn’t think so.) And I’m still working toward that career of working in higher education. So it’ll all work out. I’ll make it work out.

The road to self-discovery is long and confusing and sometimes it’s pretty frustrating. When we’re traveling it, some of us cry, laugh, eat too much chocolate, and quit fixing our hair really nice. So when you’re on this road, I want you to remember something: you are not alone. I was there once too and according to Second City’s Hogwarts parody, the Hufflepuffs are always there. (Any HP fans: please check the comments below the video because you should know that this is a joke and come on, you know you want to be in Gryffindor like Harry anyway!)

Tata for now.



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