Are Jess and Nick the new Ross and Rachel? #NewGirl

Nope. They aren’t. I say this because Ross and Rachel, though the power couple in friends, were nowhere as quirky and cool as Jess and Nick. In Friends, the writers used Ross and Rachel to corner the storyline. I mean, how many times did we hear about the fact that they were on a break? I liked these two as a couple, but I also hated the drama. I was one of the few that was pretty stoked about Joey and Rachel though the actors themselves were not impressed. It didn’t matter though because the writers knew that in the end, they would get Rachel and Ross together. I mean, they kind of trumped any other option by writing Emma into the show.

When it comes to Nick and Jess, I just know it’s going to be adorable. Throughout the first season, we always got little glimpses of how they were clicking as characters: the first Thanksgiving, the one with the landlord, the breakup with fancyman, and the backsliding episode. And then in season two, we only got more. My favorite was the Fluffer episode, well, until the cooler episode when Nick kissed Jess.

So this clip is one of the reasons I know these two are going to work. Relationships are about selling one’s portapotty to friends. Or perhaps true friendship is being able to use a gross, disgusting portapotty to make your friend feel useful. Just watch.

Watching New Girl is seriously one of the highlights of my week. Friends was always my favorite sitcom, but seriously New Girl might top it. Why? I think it’s because of the numerous awkward moments in the show when you just want to hide your face in the couch pillow because it’s so embarrassing, but you can’t because you know that you’ve done something equally as awful in your life. Yeah, New Girl rocks and I sure hope it lasts for quite a while. And this, I only ever say once, thanks Fox. You supported a great show.

Tata for now.



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