Four – I need a sassy gay friend.

My cousin Kaylee told me about a funny skit from the Second City Network. I knew about Second City, because of Tina Fey, Steve Carell, and Amy Poehler and their awesome comedic successes. But I’d never watched a show or looked online to see what they were up to. But then Kaylee told me about Sassy Gay Friend’s Romeo & Juliet skit so one day, I looked it up and I found it.

I love this, because it’s so sassy. The friend says all the crap we think when we read the play but we can’t necessarily share with the freshman high school students we teach.

What I realized when I watched this clip is that I need a sassy gay friend. Like last summer when I was starting to get sad and dejected for not being able to land my “perfect” job, I needed that sassy gay friend to slap me in the face with his insults and wit. I have two sassy gay friends, but they’re too nice to me, which I appreciate forever. They do occasionally tell me when my blog posts are a bit off and then they keep reading even though I keep going in the same direction.

I think we could all use a little sas in our lives. It keeps us young, especially when we start to dread our next birthdays…

Tata for now.



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