I defend Seth MacFarlane.

He’s hilarious. His monologue was stellar. If you want to be offended by an artist in Hollywood, pick James Franco. He was a total jerk in Freaks & Geeks. He botched the Oscars in 2011. And his book Palo Alto, has made me completely anti-Franco. This was a change for me, because I used to love James Franco. My friend Abby tried to get me to go watch Oz: The Great and Powerful with her by telling me, James Franco is in it. She’s forgotten that I wrote a blog post about my hatred for Franco and that I’ve referenced said post on various occasions. I mean, the only reason I ever loved James Franco to begin with was because he played James Dean’s character in a movie about said actor. So yeah, James Franco sucks.

Now Seth MacFarlane, on the other hand, is totally awesome. Have you listened to his music? Did you not get how much he also made fun of himself during his opening act? Are you seriously so stuck on the boob song that you can’t see the comedy?

Geena Davis – you may rock at acting in dramas and action movies, but you suck at comedy. Michael Keeton carried you through Speechless because honestly, you’re not very funny. I’m not surprised you didn’t laugh at Seth MacFarlane’s jokes. Quite frankly, I’m surprised you were quoted for all your complaining about Mr. MacFarlane because seriously lady, who even knows who you are anymore?

Seriously people, this show was not a roast. If you don’t like the monologue or the jokes, you need to get over it, because quite frankly, no Oscar host was worse than James Franco in 2011, even Tina Fey and Amy Poehler noted that one in their Golden Globes banter.

Seth – I liked your monologue. That seriously is what made my last week as a high school English teacher so rad.

Oh – I have one more thing to say. The Oscars were three weeks ago. Why are people still talking about this with such verve? We have a new pope. Korea wants to launch missiles at us. We still have huge budget issues in our nation and in each state. And we’re still talking about a song a comedian sang at the Oscars that some people found offensive. Um – comedy is highly subjective. If a comedian is going to host an awards show, a bunch of weaklings are likely to be offended.

Till next time.



2 thoughts on “I defend Seth MacFarlane.

  1. Awesome post & great blog, consider yourself followed. Thought Macfarlane was fine, and I also thought Billy Crystal was fine last year yet both got slammed in the press for no apparent reason. You’re definitely right about Franco, a vastly over-rated actor and non-existent as a host, a cardboard cut-out of Crystal or Macfarlane would of had more personality than he did.

    • Thanks. I don’t get why the press slams the awesome hosts. MacFarlane even preempted it with the Captain Kirk bit and he they still reamed him.

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