A Sweet Note Will Always Help Get You Through Hump Day

I loved my nieces and one nephew (by the way, why can’t there be a word to clump all together. We have siblings, offspring, kids, grandkids, descendants, but there isn’t a word to clump together nieces and nephews. This is obnoxious!)

Sorry about the rant, but you might get what I’m saying… or maybe you don’t.

So anyway, I love my siblings’ kids. And they love me. I sort of have a reputation for being the cool aunt, the fun aunt. I play with them a lot, occasionally present them with cheap treasures that either I am passing along or have picked out just for them, and I act closer to their age than my own. This makes me cool. It just does.

So last week, I was coming home from work to be greeted by these notes.

Maddie Note.03.14.13

Actually, I got home before they left for the game so I joined the two of them and didn’t see these notes until after. The notes are awesome. I love the translation. I love that Tia Rece is spelled “teres” to Maddie and that she was going to play a “sucker gam” rather than a soccer game. Ah. Kids are precious!

Tata for now.



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