The Imagination Helps Us Stink Better

My nieces have imaginary deodorant. They do this with a purple plastic egg they got from Easter paraphernalia that’s floating around. I learned about it at the breakfast table this morning.

I had mentioned to my mom that I needed to put on some deodorant this morning when she suggested that I borrow some of Maddie’s.

I looked at Maddie and had to ask about this very “adult” product she had possession of. That’s when my mom explained about the plastic Easter egg.

“You know imaginary deodorant doesn’t work on adults, right?” I asked MayTay.

“Yeah, but it works on us,” she said. “It makes you stink better.”

I laughed at this. I suppose we all hope that we stink a little better, not just when dealing with actual smell, but when we look at the other “stink” in our lives as well.

Enjoy your weekend.

Tata for now.



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