Life Expectations

In life, it’s important not to set up too many expectations. If you do, you might get let down and then you’ll cry.

When I was 22, I moved to Ukraine for the first time. I was young, fresh, and I was excited for the adventures that lay ahead. I had few expectations. I was just excited to be a part of an organization that would hopefully rid myself of my selfishness and teach me how to help other people. We were there less than a day when the lead trainer, Iryna told us that we should leave behind any expectations and prepare ourselves for surprise and adventure. This wasn’t hard for me. I was ready for this.

But at 29 and 11 months, I look back and realize that my ability to be open and ready for surprise was limited to my younger years, because time after time, I have been disappointed. When I moved back to America last year, I had plans to kind the perfect job, get an apartment, and find a boyfriend. None of those things happened. I was disappointed and I cried… a lot. Luckily, in the last ten months, I have realized that it’s best to be open and ready for anything that could come your way. Put yourself out there. Explore options you might not have ever considered before and in the end, you’ll be alright.

Life isn’t about living up to expectations; it’s about the road you take.

Tata for now.



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