Nine – You know your favorite Jelly Belly flavors.

Why would it be important to know your favorite Jelly Belly flavors by the time you turn thirty? Isn’t it obvious? By the time you’re thirty, you might have kids or nieces and nephews who want you to give them some of the jelly bellies from your candy jar. When you pick out a small amount to share with the kids, you’ll want to eat a few yourself and you won’t want to get any of the flavors you think suck.

I personally prefer watermelon flavored jelly bellies. I also like the light orange ones that I believe are tangerine. Other appreciated flavors are the cream soda ones, coconut, and French vanilla. I was actually eating jelly bellies yesterday when my niece Magsie asked for a couple. I made her ask another adult if she could have some. I was eating them at dinner time and I realize that some people think it’s bad form to eat jelly bellies before eating one’s soup. She was allowed a couple and when I pulled out her two jelly bellies, I made sure they were NOT any of the above mentioned favorite flavors of yours truly. Was this selfish? Of course. Was it cruel? Not even slightly. She just loves candy; it doesn’t matter what flavor it is.

I tried to find a fun Jelly Belly video on YouTube. It was difficult. Most of their commercials on that social media site are pretty lame. It’s like the video creators were frozen in 1986 and were just thawed to make the commercials. There was, however, one commercial that I found semi-amusing. It’s the gummy cockroach video. After watching it, you’re totally going to want to go to the candy store to get one.

Tata for now.



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