Alligator Cop

Alligators are no good. You learn this in pre-school when you sing the song about the alligator that snaps monkeys out of the tree. My three-year-old niece sings this to the family when we’re all together. Then when you ask, well what happened to the monkeys? She tells you, “THE ALLIGATOR ATE ‘EM!” She knows that alligators are villains. I suppose the rest of us know it too.

In today’s odd news on Yahoo!News, we see once again that alligator’s are villains or at least wannabe villains. A seven-foot alligator tried to sneak it’s way into a Florida middle school, but luckily, super cop wrangled the monster and prevented it from hurting anyone.

Now if you’re a fan of Disney’s Princess and the Frog, you might think that the alligator is nice and that it just wants to be like the humans. Perhaps you even imagine that it can play the saxophone. What you need to realize if you believe all of that is that Louis, the aforementioned alligator is fictitious. Nevertheless, when you hear odd news like this, I get that your imagination starts to perk up a bit.

Tata for now.



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