Ten – You know if you’re able to kill or nurture a spider plant.

Spider plants are easy. You water them. You can take shoots off of them, stick them in cups of water and they will start to grow. They are just easy. It takes a lot of effort to kill a spider plant. That said, I once killed a spider plant. In my defense, I was commuting between Eugene and Portland two days a week. That wasn’t easy. And then one day when I had enough time to sit in my studio apartment and look at my window sill I saw it: my spider plant had died.

“Crap!” How did I kill my spider plant? That’s practically impossible.

I’ve heard people say that you know whether or not you are ready for long-term commitments like being a pet owner or being in a relationship based on your ability to take care of plants. Hmm. This was probably pretty accurate for this crazy time in my life. Luckily, that was a few years ago and as of this moment, I am fully capable of babysitting and taking care of my nieces and nephews for a max of three or four hours. I think that’s progress, don’t you?

Tata for now.



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