Awkward. (My new favorite show… besides #newgirl)

I heard about this show when it was in its first season, but I never watched it. Then the other day, I was browsing through my Netflix suggestions and I figured, eh, why not give it a try. So I did. And it is awesome. But this show is a show about high school and I am well past my years as a Dayton Pirate so why would I care about a TV show that focuses on high schoolers and their problems. Well, I thought about this when I waited to get my tires changed at Les Schwab and I even wrote down a list.

So here it is: the list of why I love Awkward:
• It’s like 100% different than my high school experience. Why would this make me like it? Well, any “normal” person would say that high school sucked. I thought it did, mainly because I always had bad hair, I never got style, and I was a complete nerd. It didn’t help that one of my friends’ brothers called me pizza face because of the acne that once pock-marked my face.
• It’s blasphemous and that makes me laugh:
o “I’m not all sold on the whole Jesus is straight thing. Jesus in the dessert with 12 dudes…” When the gay kid said this in the church camp episode of season two, I couldn’t help but laugh. It took me back to my college days when I first watched the movie Saved. That movie saved me from being a total bizich for the remainder of my college years and taught me to be a little less judgmental than I had been groomed to be in my small town in Western Oregon.
• I love the love triangle.
o I suppose I should be over love triangles and that they should upset me, but I still love them. I love the drama and the jaw-dropping action that frustrates and excites me as I watch.
• Everyone breaks the rules of social etiquette.
o High schoolers are mean and awful. They do and say things they shouldn’t. The teachers and administrators in this movie are just as bad as the high schoolers. Unfortunately, high school teachers and high school principals are often just as immature and awful as the students they teach.
• The blasphemy again. There’s another quote from the church camp episode that made me laugh even harder. “If people have different interpretations of the Bible, Christianity will never survive.” Baha! As if! How many interpretations of the Bible are there nowadays anyway? A bajillion?
• Jenna is funny. The main character is just hilarious. She goes from being uber-dorky to being the girl that two guys fight over to being an insane blogger to being a complete drama queen. Who am I kidding? She doesn’t really switch between these personas: she is like four or five different people all at once and it is awesome.

Awkward is like its title. It’s awkward to watch. It’s also hilarious, sweet, frustrating, and addicting. If you’re even a little bit of a TV buff and your favorite genre is comedy, tune in. There’s even a new season starting soon. You might as well try it out and see if you like it.

Tata for now.


P.S. Check out the season two trailer below. It’s really good. I mean, for real. I thoroughly enjoy wasting my time watching it.


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