Eleven – You’ve figured out what sports you like to watch on TV.

Football. Basketball. Hockey. Curling. Golf. Only sitcoms. By the time you’re thirty, you know how much sports you can handle on TV. You’ve figured out if you’re a Super Bowl person, if you like to watch your college team play every fall, if you’ll appreciate boring golf tournaments, and what sports you’ll watch during the Olympics.

Personally, I’m not a sports on TV kind of person. I love the Super Bowl, mainly for the commercials and drinking games. I watch the Ducks on TV, because I paid a bunch of money to go to that school for my master’s degree and I sort of feel like they owe it to me to have a good football team. But on a regular Saturday, Sunday, and especially on Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, I would rather be gardening than watching sports on TV. Every Thanksgiving, I have to fight with my brother-in-law to watch the parade rather than a football game. I’m sure if I marry a regular guy, I’ll have to get used to a little bit of sports on TV, but I’m thinking that I might encourage him to have “guys’ nights” and poker nights to get all of that competitive energy out so he will only want to laugh and enjoy sitcoms with me at home.

Tata for now.



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