It’s Friday night? Let’s Yelp it up!

I’m not getting paid for writing this nor does Yelp give me any special treatment because I posted this to my blog. Rather, as an Elite Yelper, I feel it is my duty to share my insane knowledge of this fascinating social media tool and how it can help you on your night out.

The best thing to do tonight, on this fabulous night out, is to Yelp it out. Here’s the prerequisite: you must have an idea of what you want to do. Do you want to go out for coffee? Go drinking? Eat a fancy dinner? Go somewhere you’ve never been? And what city do you want to explore?

Then, you will do the following.

• Download the Yelp app to your phone.
• Press the Yelp button.
• Sign up for a Yelp account.
• If you’d decided to stay close to the area you are currently in click “Nearby” on your bottom menu bar. You now have a menu bar. Then you’ll want to pick either restaurants, bars, or coffee & tea. Twenty local options will come up. You can go to filter/sort on the upper left corner if you want to be really particular.
• If you’ve decided to try something totally new, click on the “Search” button on the bottom menu bar. Put a general search in the top “find:” column such as “restaurants” or “hamburgers” and then put a location below in “near:” such as Portland, Newberg, or Boise. That way, you can find things that will be around the destination you are going.
• When you’re picking your place, you will want to read the reviews people have written. I usually go by the number of stars, because I Yelp a lot and most of the people on Yelp are a bit like me so I sort of trust their judgment.
• Then once you’ve finished at your first place, go to another place. Go to at least three places if at all possible. That’ll make for a more diverse evening, trust me.
• Along the way, draft Yelp reviews and leave tips for other Yelpers. It helps, trust me. As you become a more experienced Yelper, you’ll be able to know which reviewers have your similar style and you’ll add them as friends so that you can have allies as you explore new territories. It’s worth it.

So I think you’re ready to Yelp a night out.

Tata for now.



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