Fifteen – You limit your intake of sweets.

By the time you’re thirty, you’ve taken a few health classes. You’ve gone to the doctor a time or two (hopefully once a year for a check-up. And you’ve puked from eating too much candy at least once or twice. All of the above things should have taught you not to eat too much candy in one sitting. Granted, there will be some of us that binge on chocolate once a month or buy a Starburst candy bar to deal with stress, but in general most thirty-year-olds realize that candy is not real food nor does it give you the nutritional value you need to take care of your body.

Kids haven’t learned that candy isn’t real food. My niece Margaret would prefer to eat a pile of candy to eating her vegetables or meat dish for dinner. Yesterday was Margaret’s mother’s birthday so she and Madelyn got to go with their mom and dad to a cake shop for breakfast and the two of them ate cupcakes. The two girls were so excited. Cake for breakfast? What could be better than that? I suppose that though ideally we’re supposed to have learned to limit our intake of sweets by the age of thirty, some of us just gotta be like the kids once in a while.

Tata for now.



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