Stinky feet

Occasionally, I have stinky feet. When this happens, I wash my feet, check my shoes to see if they smell, put odor-reducing lotion and powder on my feet, and all the other stuff you’re supposed to do. But then a day like today happens. I was at work, watering plants for about six hours and my blue Converse shoes got soaked. The shoes are currently attempting to dry out, but they also kind of stink. I’m afraid that these shoes will become those perma-smelly shoes like the sandals one might have worn on a really hot day or the shirt one wore for a week when traveling around Europe when deodorant was scarce. I sure hope these shoes aren’t ruined for all time, but in case they are, I’ve given notice to any who may interact with said shoes (and thus my feet post shoe-wearing event).

Tata for now.



2 thoughts on “Stinky feet

  1. I’m sure you can find a remedy on Pinterest for that! I have a secret weapon I use that I’d be willing to share…text me:)

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