Sixteen – You no longer ask for cake for breakfast.

This, of course, is a bogus claim. As I wrote about in yesterday’s post, some people like to treat themselves on their birthdays. My sister-in-law turned 36 this week and for her morning breakfast, she took her husband and her two daughters to a cake shop for gluten-free cupcakes on her birthday.

Though I might cringe to think about eating cake for breakfast, this is not at all uncommon for some people I care deeply about. Many of my friends in Ukraine like to eat cakes with tea every morning for breakfast. When they have holidays or birthdays, their entire weeks are “awesome” because they are able to have leftover cake and cookies every morning with their tea. I never adjusted to this. This could be because I think Ukrainian cakes are disgusting, but this also could have been because if I wanted to eat “bad for me food” for breakfast, I would make American style chocolate chip cookies and apple pie. If you’re going to eat bad for me food, you’ve got to have standards, right?

Tata for now.



2 thoughts on “Sixteen – You no longer ask for cake for breakfast.

  1. Is there an agree button for dislike of Ukrainian cakes? Sometimes I try to talk myself into finding delight in them(mostly to be polite), but quite frankly–I can’t.

    • My students in Ternopil bought me one of those Kyivski Torts and I hated it despite the sweetness of the gesture. 🙂

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