Everyone deserves the right to marry.

How would I feel if the government told me I couldn’t marry the guy I fell in love with? He’s black, you’re white. He’s Jewish, you’re Christian. He’s rich, you’re poor. I would be mad. I would wonder what gives them the right to judge who I should marry.

This right to marry is a huge fight today. My brother and his partner are not currently allowed to get married. Why? Because they are both men. If either one wanted to, they could go out into the street, grab a random WOMAN, and head to the court house to get married. They could go to Vegas and marry strippers. But they’re not allowed to the person they have been committed to for the last ten years. That’s just crazy.

We live in America. America is free country. We are allowed to speak out against the government. We are allowed to honor religious practices or refrain from religious practices. We are allowed to vote for our leaders. We should also be allowed to marry another human being, whether black or white, male or female, Jewish or Christian, rich or poor.

I sure how that when the Supreme Court makes a decision on marriage equality later this year, they make the right one. Banning gay people from getting married is no better than banning “colored people” from using “white” drinking fountains. It’s prejudice, ignorant, and wrong.

For more thoughts on Marriage Equality, check out my Back to SaloLand Post from September 8, 2011 or this article from NBCNews.com.

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