Holy Vernoica Mars, They’re Making a Movie!

It’s happening and it’s pretty rad. Rob Thomas, the creator of the Veronica Mars TV series has raised enough money to make a movie. Veronica Mars was a TV show on the WB about a girl detective, itching to solve the mystery behind her best friend’s murder. The show was cancelled after its first season, but the large fan base of the show made it a cult classic. And now that Thomas and lead actress Kristen Bell have gotten together to earn money for the project, it’s going to happen. How did they do this, you may wonder? Well, they signed up with kickstarter.com, a website dedicated to helping creative people earn money to help fund their creative projects. People who care about creativity and furthering art endeavors donate money to the projects so that dreams can come true. It’s pretty awesome, actually.

How did I hear about the project?

Well, I remember hearing rumors, but I knew it was real today when I saw Kristen Bell’s tweet on my iPhone.

Tweet.Veronica Mars

Then I started looking up more info. It was all over Huffington Post last week. I found the Kickstarter page, of course.

But I like their campaign video. It’s so cute, especially Logan’s smolder.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for this movie to come out. I kinda hope that Veronica is out of college or something because though Stockard Channing played a high schooler in Grease, when old people try to pull off high school characters, it just creeps me out. And the last season ended in college so… who knows what’s next. I’m just eager to find out.

Tata for now.



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