Health Talks: Holy Home Remedy

I was leaving work today and I was really wishing I was still living in Ukraine circa 2005 to 2007 in that little town of Lypovets. My reason: I wanted to go see Baba Masha so she could give me some of her magic “Spirit.” This “spirit” is essentially rubbing alcohol. She keeps it in a two-gallon jar with a lid and when her grandkids or her kids have issues with their vocal chords and throats, she gives them two big tablespoons of it. It burns all the way down, but magically it works. She only used it once on me, but it was in a time when my throat definitely needed a germ-killing booster.

Today, I came home ready to try something that would fix this throbbing throat of mine. I didn’t go for the rubbing alcohol rather I found some apple cider vinegar and went to town. Here’s the remedy: Get about 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar in a cup. Stir in two tablespoons of table salt. Gargle it all. If you have a small mouth like mine, it could take about six turns gargling for you to finish the task. You’re going to gargle up some mucus and also help clean up your throat a bit. After a little bit, make yourself a cup of tea, throw in a movie, and relax. Drink lots of fluids. You’re bound to shake that sore throat if you do this long enough.

Dr. Rece, signing out.


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