Twenty-one – You occasionally choose water at a restaurant because you know you need it.

that your throat’s getting a bit scratchy and that your roommate has been bringing home plague germs every day. So you ask the waiter for a glass of water. Then you ask him to fill up your glass a second and a third time. What’s going on, you wonder. You used to suck down three 16-oz cups of soda before your entre came. But now you’re drinking water. Are you old or something? You’re just an adult. By the time you’re thirty, you realize that occasionally it’s ok to forgo a glass of wine or soda and just drink water. You realize that water might help you a little more than the other more “hip” beverages on the menu. You get that water is life and you drink it willingly.

Personally, I like water, but I hate it when people try to ruin water with lemon. Come on, people, lemons are gross. If you want to dress up my water, throw in a few mint leaves. Now that’s good stuff.

Tata for now.



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