Twenty-two – You stop at rest-stops more frequently because you know how long you can and can’t wait.

My two-year-old niece pees her pants all the time. She gets so excited and busy that she forgets she has to pee. She only realizes it when her accident happens and she walks up to you, taps your shoulder and says, “I pee. I pee.”

By the time you’re thirty, this sort of accident is unacceptable. If you pee your pants when you’re thirty, they take you to the doctor and ask if you need a psych consult. You don’t want that so you get used to using the bathroom more often. When you’re on a road-trip, you stop at every rest-stop if necessary. You know that stopping alongside the road to squat just isn’t fun. So you take precautions. Plus – nobody really wants to do the Dumb & Dumber beer bottle method. Cuz that’s just gross.

Tata for now.



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