Iron Lady Passes On

I learn about big news when I get notifications on my iPhone. That’s how I found out that Margaret Thatcher had died. This Iron Lady whose legacy was taken to the big screen by Meryl Streep in Iron Lady in 2011. She was a powerful political figure and served as British Prime Minister for eleven years. She transformed Britain, by breaking the unions, selling off state industries, and basically thinning out the government, honoring the ideals of her British Conservative Party.

When I was in journalism school, I learned that the AP and the New York Times already have obits written for famous people so that they’re ready for press as soon as its time. Here are a few of those reports on Margaret Thatcher.

New York Times
Associated Press
Wikipedia Article (updated today)
Washington Post (What Meryl Streep is saying)
Huffington Post (about her style, of course)

And here’s a video montage of Thatcher news bits from YouTube.

Tata for now.



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