Enchanted by The Host

I saw the preview and thought it looked good. My friend Chris had read the book a few years ago and told me it was great. I hadn’t taken the time to read it because it was that lady that wrote Twilight. (Yes, I know her name. The vague sentence was for effect.) I wanted to go see it and planned to go to the movie on my day off. But then I got sick. Then I texted my brother about seeing it, but I didn’t feel good that day. And then we planned to go today and after a wishy-washy will-she-or-won’t-she commitment from me, we made a plan to go see it.

Shane didn’t seem to be expecting much. I was expecting something cute. My mom, who I brought along for the ride, told us, “I was just going for the cute guy. I woke up from my drooling nap for that.”

This is the guy.

Ma's crush poster

And this is the movie.

The Host Poster

The host is the story of what happens after alien souls take over earth. They’re not the green, large-forehead aliens we see in junk shops, but these are these white, glowing stringy beings that basically look like sea creatures. They don’t go to ruin human-kind but to “live in peace, together” with humans. Tricky business, though. As most things go, humans and aliens get stubborn and try to one-up one another and so things get messy. One of the souls takes over Melanie’s body. She called herself Wanderer and she proved herself to be a bit of one as she veered away from the typical direction souls were taking on earth: she started to care about the soul of Melanie. And so Wanda (cute nickname, right) and Melanie head to the remaining human hideout and to find Melanie’s people and there, the two girl souls share a body and get the attention of two hot guys: Jared and Ian. What a pickle. Of course, in the end, lessons are learned. People learn to accept one another and duos couple up as if it’s a Shakespeare comedy. The ending was a bit too cheesy for my liking; I would have been better off if things were left semi-unsettled with a sacrificial ending, but this is America, the capital of idealism and sappy hearts so it ended with a metaphorical Hollywood kiss.

If I were you and I read this review, I would head to the theater right away. No one can be sure how long this treasure will last in theaters and honestly, despite the fact that this movie was based on the book written by the Twilight lady, it made me laugh, cry (I teared up a bit.), and I loved every minute of it. I suggest you head to the cinema and do the same.

Tata for now.



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