Twenty-six – You know where to go, who to call, or what to read to help you change a flat tire.

My friend Abby gave me a book for Christmas a few years ago. It’s called, “Stuff Every Woman Should Know.” It gives you tips on how to flirt, essential makeup tips, and of course how to change a tire. I stuck this book in my car so that in case I get a flat, I know what to do. It will also help me study up if I get pulled over so I can flirt my way out of a ticket.

But not every person has a nifty book like this to help them get by in life. (If you want one, I believe you can find one at your local Urban Outfitters.) Rather, when they have a flat tire, they have the number to AAA, the equipment in the back of their car, or a friend on speed-dial. Whatever the resource, by the time one turn’s thirty, they know where to turn when they have a flat tire, even if it’s a frantic call to one’s mother who then calls a better resource.

Tata for now.



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