#californiaforthirty: The Adventure Begins

I’m a girl who likes to have fun. Boring doesn’t suit me. So I have fun whatever I’m doing, whether it’s reading books, bookbinding, knitting, writing, swimming, or drinking coffee. Perhaps having fun is about the mentality one has while completing the activity. If so, I know how to work it. So when I was getting really nervous about turning thirty, I cried a bit but then I decided that I had to do my best to get excited otherwise I’d start developing wrinkles and be pretty miserable. That’s how I got the idea to take a trip for my thirtieth birthday. I didn’t want to just go downtown McMinnville where I might run into an old high school classmate. So I planned to get out of Dodge. And that’s how the #californiaforthirty road trip was born. It was supposed to be a quick two-day weekend trip to San Francisco, likely with my mom, seeing as how most of my friends aren’t able to jump up and take a trip in the middle of April. Then it turned into a Rece and the rents take on wine country in California with a quick stop in San Francisco kind of trip. But you know, I like change. I like flexibility and the idea of taking a trip without a real clear itinerary. That’s sort of how I’ve lived my life, you know: lots of goals and many mini adventures but no big five-year-plan. (I oughta make one of those now that I’m thirty, though.)

This trip to California is bound to be an adventure. I have a few goals on the journey:
• to eat sourdough bread
• to ride on a cable car
• to drink some good wine
• to walk up the crazy hills of San Francisco
• to journal about my adventures
• to take plenty of pictures
o I even brought THREE cameras to document the experiment: my iPhone, my digital Nikon D90, and my point and shoot camera I had in high school complete with four packs of Fuji Film. ☺ It’s going to be a hoot to be old school for part of it!
• to smile a lot

I feel like when you have goals like mine, you’re bound to have a great vacation. I’ll try to blog about the trip, but in case I get distracted by all the fun I’m having, check instagram and twitter for #californiaforthirty.

Tata for now.



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