Twenty-eight – Prom is over.

Prom. It’s that fancy in high school. Everyone remembers prom. Either you were the person who stayed home and played video games with your nerdy friends wearing headgear. You were the girl who knew no one would ask her so you got a group of friends together and made a friend date of it. Perhaps you were actually dating someone in high school so you went with that person. Or you were the girl some jock wanted to nail so he asked you with a hotel key in his pocket the whole night. I know. Some of these scenarios make for great 80s prom movies. Gotta love ‘em.

But prom IS something people remember, because it’s an American classic. It’s one of those things that comes up that you either love or you hate. You don’t remember prom much and by the time you’re thirty, you’ve pretty much lived enough that whatever your prom experience was, you’ve gotten over it and moved on. That is, until you go to YouTube and see that the top video of the day is a guy asking a girl to prom. Then you start remembering. You laugh. You perhaps cringe at your memories of hairdos and awkward dance moments. But you smile, because you are thirty and prom and high school was so long ago, you can just relish living life in your thirties.

Oh – so that video from YouTube… it’s right here.

Tata for now.



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