Twenty-nine – You know what you like to do for a hobby and you probably have established a group of friends or at least one friend who likes to do the same stuff as you.

Have you seen that movie Runaway Bride? Julia Roberts’ character is so fickle. Every time she meets a different guy, she changes her whole persona. She has new hobbies. She likes different types of eggs. She changes herself to appeal to the guy. Not until Richard Gere calls her on it does she decide to figure out what she actually likes to do and what kind of eggs she likes to eat. And when she does that, she realizes that she can love him.

Not to sound judge-y or anything, but she drives me nuts in that movie. She never admits what she really likes and she just tries to please people. Perhaps I’m a bit too selfish or stubborn or something, but I’m not into that whole changing yourself to fit a mold bit. It’s taken time and various experiences to discover my hobbies and interests, but I know what I like: things creative like photography, quirky painting projects, bookbinding, and writing. Plus I like devouring others’ art by watching movies, reading books, and traveling to various cities to discover their cultures, heritage, and language. I’m obsessed with purple and I often write down weird things I hear people say, even if I’m in a bar on St. Pattie’s Day. I know myself and the sort of stuff I like to do. Luckily, I have a few great friends that get this and I spend time with them as often as I can. Granted, when you’re an adventurer like me you have friends spread across the globe so it’s hard to keep close contact, but you know, that’s what social media is for, right?

I always hoped that I’d live like the characters of Friends, in a fancy city somewhere with the classic Central Perk coffee shop we’d hang out in every day. This isn’t real life for me. I’m too mobile. My roots have been torn up and transplanted too many places too many times. Plus – those FRIENDS had a unique story that can’t really be recreated in the Pearl District of Portland or in Downtown Eugene. But there are different groups of friends that do fun things together that compliment their hobbies and interests. By the time you’re thirty, you need those groups of friends, because as you creep closer to forty, the wrinkles take over and it’s hard to establish groups when your main topic of conversation is headed towards Botox and hot flashes.

Tata for now.



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