Who knew California was so cool?

I’m sure a lot of people knew this. I didn’t. I always figured that California was a cliché. Everybody talks about it so it couldn’t be that cool. I was so wrong.

When we hit the California border, my mom and I started shouting. We were really excited about this trip. And we were in a new state. Why wouldn’t we be excited?

Well, things got cooler when we made it to Eureka. We went to the Lost Coast Brewery. It was noisy and they ran out of toilet paper in the bathroom, but it was a great stop. My mom and I split the jambalaya, which was delicious but it was so spicy that it sort of stole all of my taste buds so that I couldn’t taste the beer. It was stressful… filling out my beer journal for all ten beer samplers. But this was also quite thrilling. And ten beer samplers… is a bit much. (Each sample is 4 ounces. Four times ten equals forty ounces.)

That was yesterday. Today, we woke up, ate the breakfast provided in the lobby of our Holiday Inn Express and we started driving through the Redwoods. We were true tourists on this part. We stopped at the Legend of Bigfoot kitschy store where I bought a gnome. His name is Red, you know, because I purchased him in the Redwoods and all.

Things got really excited when we drove through the tree. For real, we paid five bucks to drive the Acadia through a tree. It was a tight squeeze but we made it. The bummer deal is somehow I lost my camera lens cap during that mini trip. I still claim that it’s in my dad’s jeans pocket. It may be. It also may be lost somewhere in the car.

As we continued on our trip south, the Redwoods thinned out and we started to see the vineyards. This was awesome. I was a huge fan of wine country. I live in the Oregon wine country. Visiting California’s wine country is like visiting home but in vacation mode with better weather and different people. (Wink.)

After a quick stop in Cloverdale for a bit of food at Railroad Station Bar and Grill where my dad had a major allergic reaction to… the beer… the Brussels sprout… the water…. We’re not really sure what caused the red splotches. We were just eager to get to our main destination, which we did. We got to Windsor and… the party started.

After settling in and getting groceries, we went to downtown Windsor for some wine tasting at the Windsor Tasting Lounge where we hung out with the pourer named Jared while my mom told him stories about buying oranges on the side of the road. Then we purchased a bottle of wine from Three Best Friends because we liked the label and we think the idea of three best friends making wine together is cute. Yeah, Jared thought we were nuts. Ah – shucks.

We topped the day off with a dinner of tri-tip steak, salad, and sourdough bread thanks to Chef Pa Bunn. I’m a huge fan of his work. (Insert wink number two here.)

This #californiaforthirty road trip is turning out to be a great adventure. Tomorrow is open. I predict some seafood, a bit of wine, and hopefully some fun window-shopping.

Thanks for joining me on this journey update.

Tata for now.



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