Dia Nomer Dos (or tres depending when you started counting) #californiaforthirty

We left the room at 11:40 AM. That was because we spent the first few hours in breakfast meetings for this travel property ownership thing my parents are a part of. When we did finally get in the car, I started writing in my journal, noting that when they’re in their sixties, my parents take a few more minutes or perhaps hours to get ready and head out the door on vacation. Not that I should talk. I’m the one who forgot her camera battery and then lost her lens cap, leading to two camera store stops in two days. Yeah, awesome, right?

When we did finally get going on our mini day-trip to… we didn’t know where we were going… we just started driving. I found out about a half hour in that my mom wanted to go to this special bread shop that the Worldmark lady had told my parents about. The place was Wild Flour Bread, a classy bakery at 140 Bohemian Hwy in Freestone, CA. I liked the sunflower bread, but the one I’d really suggest to just about ANYONE who goes here is the Fougasse bread which has cheese and peppers all through it. It’s amazing, no joke! The cool part about this sweet little bakery is that it was located right next door to Joseph Phelps’ Tasting Room. We decided to go there, but on the two-minute walk over I saw the hats. Then I got this one.

wine country hat Rece.04.14.13

I needed something to protect my forehead. I mean, many of my family members, on both sides, have had skin cancer. I don’t want to die in my thirties… or get skin cancer ever… so the hat was a good idea.

I wore it the whole time we sat on the patio at Joseph Phelps. I felt very wine country savvy with the hat. (Though I may have just looked like a poser.)

From there, the journey continued. We drove to Bodega Bay to see the ocean and eat seafood. Both were overrated. I got in my head that I wanted a crab melt like they make at Portland Seafood at Washington Square, but Lucas’ didn’t have that. So I ended up sharing the fish and chips with my mom which made me sick. Good one, Rece. Way to compromise everything.

My mood and my stomach only got better when we stopped at Russian River Winery. Yeah, there’s something about wine that really settles the stomach.

We topped off the outing with a stop at Cost Plus World Market. If I had all the money in the world, I still think I’d love shopping at this store; I would just be able to afford more of the furniture I love here.

Pops fixed a fish dinner at the Condo and then my mom and I started watching wedding movies on the Hallmark Channel. I watched the entire first one. I haven’t been able to get into the second one. There’s something about excessively cheesy romantic comedies that make me want to run away and hide or even put in an action movie with Matt Damon or something; anything to get away from the dumb girls that remind me way too much of myself in high school and college.

During the last commercial break, my mom pointed out to me that today is the last day I’ll be in my twenties. Woohoo, I want to shout. Or perhaps I just want to go to bed so I’m less exhausted tomorrow. Vacationing can really wear on you when you hit thirty. #californiaforthirty

Tata for now.



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